Product Description

dg-synchronizing-panel, DG-synchronizing-system

Made using the most advanced technology, the DG Synchronizing Panel, which we offer, is manufactured using the best quality components and materials. We are one of the most dependable Manufacturers and Suppliers of the DG Synchronizing Panel that is known for its hassle-free performance.

Load Properties

  • Automatic synchronization in both condition Auto/Manual
  • Parallel Option(DG & Transformer ) /Critical Load
  • Interlocking
  • Master DG selection
  • Load sharing at generators according to power if auto selected/No load sharing in manual selection
  • Automatically start and stop according to load In auto/Self Start /Stop in manual Selection
  • Automatically balancing work hours (co-aging)/Selection

Interface Properties

  • Interface Device(HMI )
  • All engine and alternator parameters can be watched
  • Engine and alternator protection Keep the records of generator alarms
  • Modules(Input/ Output) Monitoring

Dg Production Measures

  • Oil pressure
  • Coolant temperature
  • Fuel level (optional)
  • Oil temperature (optional)
  • Generator frequency
  • Generator phase-neutral voltage
  • Generator inter-phase voltage
  • Generator phase current
  • Generator earth current (optional)
  • Generator phase sequence

Power Measurements

  • Generator total active power (KW)
  • Generator total visible power (KVA)
  • Generator total reactive power (KVAr)
  • Generator average power factor (cost)(Optional)

Run time & checks

  • Actual time
  • Left time for the next (maintenance)
  • Generator positive KWh
  • Generator negative KWh
  • Generator KVAh
  • Generator KVArh

Engine Protection

  • Low oil pressure
  • High coolant water temperature
  • High oil temperature (optional)
  • Low/high frequency cycle
  • Battery charger rectifier error
  • Low/high accumulator voltage
  • Low/high fuel level (optional)

Alternator Protection

  • Low/high voltage
  • Low/high frequency
  • Extreme voltage
  • Earthling error (optional)
  • Reverse power
  • Wrong phase rotation of alternator
  • Excitation loss