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Automatic power factor control panels or widely known as APFC panels are used to correct the power factor (ratio between active power and apparent power).

Reduced power factor may lead to losses in various terms.

  1. Penalty By SEB
  2. Increased in electricity Bills
  3. Reducing the system capability to handle the load.

The power factor is improved by adding the capacitive load against the inductive load in the system. We can do this by adding the required capacitors with respect to inductive load in the system.

This can be done in two ways manually as well as automatically through our Electrical Panels. Costumer usually prefers automatic version of panels because this is done UN manned 24 x 7.

Further we make variety of APFC (capacitor) panels.

  1. Contactor based MPP type APFC Panels.
  2. Contactor Based APP type APFC Panels.
  3. Detuned reactor based APFC Panels.
  4. Thyristor Based APP / MPP APFC Panels.
  5. Thyristor Based APP / MPP with detuned reactor APFC Panels.

The main features of our control panels are:

  1. Maintains high Power Factor constantly.
  2. High efficiency.
  3. In-built independent MCB / MCCB.
  4. Protection from excess power in the system .
  5. Prevents leading Power Factor in low load conditions.
  6. Minimizes harmonic current.

These APFC Panels are put to use in the following:

  1. All type of industries where inductive load has major contribution in total load.
  2. All type of commercial installation where Major load is of Air conditioners.
  3. All type of Housing societies.

Design Philosophy

We design our Panels while keeping some key factor in our mind.

  1. Our APFC Panel gives optimum results and save energy and money of our customers.
  2. Our APFC Panels are safe to use.
  3. Our APFC Panels are Robust in construction.
  4. Our APFC Panels design is compact and covers less footprint area.
  5. Our APFC Panels are well informative about operation and faults.
  6. Our APFC Panel is easy for maintenance.
  7. Our APFC Panel is value for money.