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Cable Trays

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We are one of the leading  manufacturer of  perforated and ladder – type Cable Trays with accessories In Faridabad. Cable Trays are available in different sizes and can be customize as per the customer requirement.

Types of Cable Trays :

Ladder-Type cable trays and Perforated Types cable trays. We deals in both type of cable trays.Several types of tray are used in different applications. A solid-bottom tray provides the maximum protection to cables, but requires cutting the tray or using fittings to enter or exit cables

Material Used :

Cable trays are commonly made of galvanized steel, stainless steel cable trays or aluminum sheets. On specific demand, we can also provide cable trays made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic. Unlike metallic trays, these are completely non-conductive and, therefore, do not need to be grounded. These trays are fully chemical and corrosion resistant.

Thickness :

Depending on load of cables, the thickness of cable trays may vary from 1 mm to 4 mm.

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